Lars-Eric Heimbürger, PhD
Chemical Oceanographer
Application of novel techniques to outstanding questions on trace metal cycling in the marine environment, with an emphasis on isotope, low-level speciation, and sensor approaches to understand marine mercury dynamics.

Trace clean sampling:
  • wet&dry depostion (MTX)
  • aerosols (Partisol, EchoHiVol)
  • gaz phase (Tekran, EchoHiVol, Gardis5)
  • seawater (CTD probe - Seabird, with 1010X Niskins)
  • suspended particulate matter: in situ pumps (McLane, Challenger)
  • marine export flux: sediment traps (Technicap PPS 5)
  • plankton : clean net trawling / sample treatment
Marine Sediments:
  • sediment cores (box corer, mono- and multicorer, NIOZ-corer)
  • peat bog (Waardenar & Belarus)
Analyses of trace metals:
  • MC-ICP-MS (Neptune)
  • GC-SF-ICP-MS (Element XR)
  • HG-CV-AFS, CV-AFS (Brooks Rand M3, Tekran 2500)
  • AAS (Milestone DMA-80, Altec AMA-254)
Analyses of organic tracers:
  • PCBs, PAHs, PBDEs, organic biomarkers: GC-MS