Voiles et Voiliers writes about our AXA Research Fund Outreach Project AM2 : Arctic Mediterranean Mercury

LE Heimbürger joins the Editorial Board NATURE Scientific Reports and the Review Editor Board of Frontiers in Marine Sciences and Microbiology

AXA Research Fund writes on Mercury's Mysteries in the Arctic Ocean

11/2015LE Heimbürger is hired as CNRS permanent research scientist at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography

10/2015LE Heimbürger is invited to join the Scientific Steering Committee of the
13th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant taking place in Providence, Rhode Island, USA 2017

07/2015LE Heimbürger is laurate of the AXA Researchfund postdoc grant

06/2015INSU newsletter: Pourquoi la faune arctique est-elle aussi fortement contaminée par le mercure ?
LE Heimbürger writes a piece on arctic mercury for THE CONVERSATION
LE Heimbürger comments on Kyra St. Pierre's new ES&T paper on how open marine waters lead to methylmercury enrichment in lichens for the Chemical & Engineering News 
LE Heimbürger comments on Alexander Bond's new paper on increased methylmercury in arctic ivory gull feathers for "NZZ"

03/2015PhD student Ginevra Rosati from the University Trieste is visiting University Bremen for 3 month to work with me on the 2013 GEOTRACES MED/Black cruise data, with the aim of establishing a biogeochemical model for Hg species in the Black Sea.

LE Heimbürger comments on Paul Drevnick's new paper on increased fish Hg levels in the Pacific Ocean for "LE TEMPS"

LE Heimbürger gets a feature Finding the origin of toxic mercury in the Arctic Ocean on the ResearchGate blog
LE Heimbürger was invited to join the Stakeholder Committee of the Joint Research Project Traceability for Mercury Measurements
MeTra JRP coordinator: Paola Fisicaro - Laboratoire national de metrologie et d'essais

LE Heimbürger is now member of the GEOTRACES Standards & Intercalibration committee
11/2014 Roman Teisserenc and Arnaud Mansat release their documentary VODAVOS on the TOMCAR project in Igarka, Siberia. Amongst many other parameters, we are investigating here together Hg fluxes during the Arctic spring flood of the Yenisei River.

VODAVOS from Arnaud MANSAT on Vimeo.

08/2014  Our Nature paper gets nice press cover :




05-07/2014 LE Heimbürger & D Cossa explore the biogeochemical cycling of mercury in the North Atlantic Ocean on the french-led 2014 GEOTRACES GEOVIDE cruise
05/2014 LE Heimbürger comments on Sarah Beattie's new ES&T paper on Hg species in arctic multi year ice for the Chemical & Engineering News

05/2014 LE Heimbürger  is now working in the Geochemistry and Hydrogeology group of the Geosciences Department at the University of Bremen

04/2014 Roman Teisserenc and colleagues start high resolution spring flood sampling for mercury and many other parameters at the Yenisei River in central Siberia, Russia. They will set up an observation site for 3 years.

02/2014 LE Heimbürger is invited to join the Scientific Steering Committee of the
12th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant taking place in Jeju, South Korea 2015
EDF foundation interviews LE Heimbürger about the mercury exploration within 2013 TARA OCEANS POLAR CIRCLE 
Read more on the EDF foundation science website:                             

07/2013 LE Heimbürger leads the international intercalibration exercise for dissolved total methylated mercury and dissolved total mercury in seawater on the dutch-led 2013 GEOTRACES Med/Black cruise
LE Heimbürger & JE Sonke investigate mercury's cycling in the Black Sea on the dutch-led 2013 GEOTRACES Med/Black cruise
Read more in the Pelagia cruise diary: Mercury Rising in the Black Sea
06/2013 LE Heimbürger coordinates two Arctic marine mercury studies for the
05/2013 JE Sonke & LE Heimbürger lead a review on
Mercury biogeochemistry - Paradigm shifts, outstanding quesions and research needs
06/2012 JE Sonke & LE Heimbürger sign a
News and Views editorial in Nature Geoscience on state-of-the-science in Arctic Hg research


GEOTRACES Science Highlights:
Recent and Original Results in the Southern Ocean on Mercury speciation and Cadmium isotopes