Collaborations & Partners


TARA OCEANS POLAR CIRCLE: Arctic Ocean Hg investigations



MOOSE (Mediterranean ocean observing system on environment)

MERMEX (Marine Ecosystems Response in the Mediterranean EXperiment)

Svalbard Project: Arctic Ocean Hg investigations

Catherine Jeandel, Francois Lacan, Pieter van Beek - LEGOS/GEOMAR, Toulouse, France: GEOTRACES cruises + Hg vs boundary exchange, submarine groundwater discharge

Michiel Rutgers van der Loeff - AWI, Bremerhaven, Germany: Arctic Ocean Hg investigations

Hein de Baar, Micha Rijkenberg - NIOZ, The Netherlands: 2013 GEOTRACES Mediterranean/Black Sea cruise

Elsie SunderlandAnne Soerensen - HSPH Harvard, USA: Calibration of GEOS-Chem Arctic Hg model on Arctic marine Hg observations

Carl Lamborg - WHOI, USA: GEOTRACES Hg investigations

Toste Tanhua - IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany: Hg/TMs on GoShip cruises

Kerstin Leopold - University Ulm, Germany: intercalibration of novel nano-goldtrap Hg sensor with classical CV-AFS

Christophe Migon, Laurent Coppola - LOV, Villefranche s/M, France: TM cycling in the Mediterranean Sea

Aurélien Dommergue - LGGE University Grenoble France: Hg speciation in Arctic snow

Phillippe Behra - ENSIACET, Toulouse, France: Test of novel Au-nanoparticle Hg sensor with classical CV-AFS

Joël Knoery - IFREMER LBCM, Nantes, France